Friday, February 20, 2015

Yesterday's Meeting at JUG Lodz

This is the slides I presented in the evening.

Some folks also asked me about materials related to conversation patterns and working with business people. This the list with some resources
  • My stuff at this blog
  • My stuff at InfoQ
  • My stuff at Conversation Patterns for Software Professionals
  • Bridging Communication Gap, by Gojko Adzic - is about improving communication between customers and development teams; how to create quality software with Agile techniques
  • Specification by Example - explains core concepts founded in Bridging Communication Gap in more details
  • Non-violent Communication. Language of Life - great book by Marshall Rosenberg about advanced communication skills
  • Core Protocols - these are procedures for improving personal communications and team meetings for total nerds :)
  • Fearless Change by Linda Rising and materials on her home page

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