Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Second Edition of My Book is Comming

I finally completed the script of the second edition of my book: Tailor Made Software. How to Talk to the Customer Who Doesn't Know What He Wants?
What were my motivations of writing:
  • my publisher :)
  • feedback from clients and attendees of my trainings
  • I had rethought all this material during last three years so that came to conclusion that some of the stuff need to be described little bit different

What are the changes comparing with the first edition:
  • pointed that business needs is a critical thing in the context of business-IT relations; I developed some useful techniques to discover them; also included usage of User Stories
  • introduced dichotomy: mechanics of a conversation (questioning, stories, conversation flow, etc.) and chemistry of the conversation (soft skills, contact, empathy); also delivered techniques to use both of them
  • underlined role of the conversation context
  • some folks were confused because examples of conversations involved developers, analysts, clients and so on; now all conversations are between generic Specialist and generic Client
  • nice professional pictures inside the book by Maria Pankowska
  • new awsome cover by Helion
  • some minor bugfixing

Some times I meet folks at the bus-stop, in the bus or train or at the conference, who were sharing with me their thoughts about the book. Thanks you all, guys.

Many thanks to Maria for superb pictures
and to Krystian for deep professional review of the author's version and some summary on the cover.

The book will be available in about September this year.

This is the detailed table of contents..

Monday, May 25, 2015

7 Red Lines Problem and Solutions

A year ago a post an entry related to Seven Red Lines Comedy Sketch. This the movie.

I used the movie to explain how the customer needs are important. However experts creativity is infinite and Some folks sent me two solutions of the problem. These are awsome!

and the next one: